If you own a property in Jerusalem, our property management services will be extremely valuable to you whether you visit frequently or only occasionally. Our goal is to make your stay in Jerusalem as comfortable and pleasurable as possible. We are able to successfully do this with a combination of maintenance and service – the best way to solve problems is to prevent them happening in the first place.

We visit the property on a regular basis, weekly or even more often if required, making sure that the property remains sound and secure. We search for leaks, general damage, check the premises for intrusions or burglary, check and operate appliances, air out the property, flush toilets and open the taps.

Inspect and maintain appliances and systems.
Handle deliveries.
Collect the mail weekly.
Pay bills regularly.
Manage a petty cash account and present periodic reports.
Connect the alarm system to our phones.
Manage and supervise professional cleaning services before , during and after your stay.
Supervise repairs and renovations.
Manage gardening services.
Manage extermination services.
Attend home owner association meetings.
Arrange for pick up and delivery of laundry.
Arrange laundry in closets and drawers.
Prepare the property for your arrival.
Arrange for fresh flowers and other requests.
Make up beds.
Purchase food and drinks according to your request.
Stock the pantry based on your request.
Turn on heating / a.c. before your arrival.
Turn on hot water before your arrival.
Manage the building and decoration of your Sukka.

If you wish, as professional Real Estate Brokers , we are also able to rent your property for short or long term periods. Our rental management services include the following:

Locate suitable tenants.
Show the property to potential tenants.
Check on the condition of the property before, during and after the rental period.
Help with changing the title of utilities to the tenant’s name (for long term rentals).
Calculate and charge for utilities (for short term rentals).
Arrange professional cleaning and laundry services.
Arrange the building of a Sukka.
Deal with maintenance issues and repairs.
Take care of tenants requests.
Inspect the property at the end of the lease.
Prepare financial reports for the owner and tenant.
Provide administration services concerning the management of the property.